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American Pit Bull Terriers

   Jan 29

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Welcome! Sit and stay a spell. The dogs love company and the coffee is fresh.

Welcome to our new home on the Net. As you wander our site I’d like you to keep in mind a couple of things. First is that these dogs are valued members of our family. They are there for us as great heating pads and never complain if their coats get damp from tears. They are never judgemental. They love us no matter what. They bring joy and laughter to our home with their incredible senses of humour.

The second thing I’d like you to keep in mind is the fact that these are just DOGS first and foremost. They aren’t fire breathing dragons or the demon spawn portrayed by the media. They are what they are. Incredibly intelligent and robust Terriers. I will say they are not a breed for everyone as all Terriers are not.

People thinking to add an American Pit Bull Terrier to their family need to research the breed and learn about them before deciding if these are the dogs for you or not. If you are unwilling to be shunned by friends and family for your choice in a dog, they are not for you. If your feelings are hurt by people you meet in public who feel it is their right to call you an unfit mother/father/human being for owning one of these dogs, they aren’t for you. If you are the type of person that thinks the dogs look tough and are an image or compensation for something you lack, the DOGS certainly don’t need YOU.